Are You My Mother?

The other day I got to revisit a classic story that I remembered from my childhood. I was fuzzy on the details but with the help of two kids who love hearing stories, I have been able to revisit many of these stories. One of those stories is about a baby bird. The story begins … More Are You My Mother?


Dear  Big C & Little C, After today my heart felt ready to write you. My heart has been swelling beyond my body these 28 days since you came into my life at 11:50 on a Monday night screaming as I took you from your ill fitted booster.  A boy who exited the car and … More Dear____,

Read & Repeat

I do not even know where to begin I just know I need to. I know there have to be better days ahead but right now I am just tired. Don’t get me wrong I am so thankful for these two precious kids, our home is filled with laughter and family-esque things but we are … More Read & Repeat

Made to be Broken

The past couple of days I have felt irregularly emotional. Every five seconds I thought I would cry but couldn’t. Every little precious moment and every difficult one with the kids made me hold back tears. I have felt a lead block on my chest night and day. If you were to go up and … More Made to be Broken

Better day.

Catchy title right? Look I am running on little sleep, heightened anxiety, tons of stress, lots of happiness, I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth more days than I care to admit and today when leaving for work I realized I made the kids lunch (in advance to help Matthew) but forgot to eat. My lunch? … More Better day.