Better day.

Catchy title right? Look I am running on little sleep, heightened anxiety, tons of stress, lots of happiness, I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth more days than I care to admit and today when leaving for work I realized I made the kids lunch (in advance to help Matthew) but forgot to eat. My lunch? Breakfast bar, goldfish, fruit and veggie gummies, water and a orange. Thats balanced right? Haha I could care less reallyyyyy. Also, in better news I’ve lost 4 lbs since last Monday. Who would of known this would be a weight management program too? You gotta laugh so you don’t cry. Laugh with me please….

Today was a better day overall than yesterday but we did have a similar but different breakdown with girl (5) where she pulled out some of her own hair but we used our effective skills and she soothed herself in 7 minutes and the Jeb (dog) helped tremendously once we calmed down. So in an effort to advocate for foster care & adoption I want to be real with YOU, whoever you are who reads my grammatically incorrect but truthful ramblings. We have had so many good moments and I’d like to focus on those to show you the beauty in this storm.


  • The last 8 days we’ve had 45 minute quite times #forthewin
  • We have had mostly healthy meals
  • We are learning to accept help & accept NO easily
  • We are using words instead of wailing
  • We have gotten to bed by 8:20 and tonight it was 7:30 (kids didn’t notice and we didn’t mention)
  • We got a new cast for her (5) and we are calling it a ELSA cast because it’s blue and covered in GLITTER which magically keeps leaving us trails throughout the house, “It’s magical!”
  • We had no meltdowns at doctor even though we drove an hour
  • We’ve had almost all healthy snacks and water 75% of the time
  • We have established family meetings
  • We have come up with about a dozen family phrases that seem to be redirecting and helping the kids thrive
  • We had several dance parties
  • We have bonded, laughed, cried and worked together because “teamwork makes the dreamwork”
  • We have done prayers and stories nightly
  • We have had probably 20 talks about God, some only a minute and others went on for 10 on and off
  • We’ve done our hygiene
  • We’ve admitted our wins for the day and room for improvement each day at dinner table as a family
  • We’ve laughed a lot
  • We gotten icecream and have gone in public more often than not with little conflict
  • Park and playground 3x
  • We’ve had snacks and kept them in kitchen and dining room
  • We’ve done chores most day like feeding dogs, wiping table or taking out trash
  • We had our first shower tonight with g(5) since she got her waterproof cast today
  • We went to pediatrician
  • We got meds filled that were gone
  • We mopped the floor (and I re-mopped later, but we mopped)
  • We played outside a lot, went on walks
  • We got to our room when we are upset to find our “happy place”

Pray, pray, pray. I know we will have setbacks but we need school to have some good days first.


Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel stronger than ever and none of it is me. I feel more tired, stressed, empty but somehow happy. God has given we words, insights each  day in his word. I have fallen on my knees in surrender in bedroom, dining room and living room and giving it over has helped me keep going.


Much love, lets be real we have better and worse days ahead. But we are hopeful & tired but mostly hopeful.


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