Waiting to share it all with you. 

Dear sweetheart,

We are waiting. I’m not too good at the patience part though. I had dreamed you’d be here before Christmas and although my heart aches for you I am trusting in the wait. I hope you had a good Christmas. I pray you felt love and joy. I pray the foster parents your with are speaking life into you about the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you got a great Christmas morning filled with laughter, unwrapping and delicious food. I hope that next year we can take you to all the Christmas festivities, see lights, decorate the tree and go to the Christmas Eve service. My heart yearns to have you here to share all this with. I’m trusting that this time is preparing us both. I hope you are somewhere with snow and played joyfully in the snow recently. I hope you decorated Christmas cookies and had some of your own traditions. I hope your heart knows love and care. I pray for you often and daydream about all we will share in the future in daily life and holidays. I hope your mind has happy Christmas memories to think about. I hope to laugh with you soon, to tuck you in and to drop you off at school. I have so much love in my heart. I’m excited for the special and the mundane.
Love Momma Ryann


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