The original nesting. Momma bird gathering twigs and leaves and anything malleable to fashion a nest from. And as nature would have it I am also nesting! Turns out nesting isn’t just for the pregnant momma’s but also the adoption momma’s too!



We got word today that we are moving onto phase 3 of the adoption process. This means the agency has received and processed all of our paperwork and has OFFICIALLY assigned us a caseworker K. Once a slot opens up we will be able to begin our home-study! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But still we wait, we are going to waiting pro’s at the end of all this haha, well maybe not…

Home Safety Checklist….now we begin working on this list which is to be completed by the end of the home-study. Lots to do and buy! But we are one step closer.

Back to nesting…

I am in full nesting mode. We’ve been gifted with a table for our family dining room as previously mentioned and my mom and step-dad gave us my brothers old trundle bed for our adoption. We completely flipped around 3 rooms. Office is now kids room, dining room is now office, and bonus room is now dining room…but our home is coming together and I can’t begin to describe the joy I feel passing the new trundle beds when walking through hallway and past the bedroom. It so crazy, but man that has really sunk it in. Our sweet child will be laying their head there nightly and sleepovers will ensue as well as bedtime goodnights and so much more. We are going to wait on styling room, so that our child can be apart of the process of designing their bedroom!


  • Bathroom isn’t done yet, we are still going to work on putting the tiles back up.

heartMuch love xoxo


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