You are not your color…


I know the statics.

We don’t care what color you are sweet child, we will love you all the same.

African American children enter and remain in foster care longer than any other race and ethnic group. According to National Kids Count (2005), the total children population in the State of Georgia was 2,419,965 and of this number, 795,926 were African American. In 2005, African American children comprised 33% of the total population while their counterparts total population was 53%. At the end of the 2005 fiscal year, African American children totaled 7,559 or 50 percent of the 15,119 children in foster care in the state of Georgia (State of Georgia, 2006).

Because I know the statics I wonder what kind of biases you will face little one. In light of the recent events and controversies surrounding police brutality in some instances being heightened due to the color of your skin, I wonder what you will face. I wonder how I might protect you? Learn from you and educate you that you are more than your skin color. You are an American and more than that you are one of Gods children. I am reminded of a song from my young days in church, Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenI pray we can teach you about your ancestors and ours. I pray you find your value not in identifying with any race, but in God. You little one are more than a color. You have so much to offer this world. You are not defined by how you look but by how you carry yourself….at-least I hope so.

Last week and this week I have been  working to clean out one of our guest rooms to make room for the bunk bed we are getting for you! We can’t gather too much right now since we don’t know if your a girl or boy or even what age you are, but we figured a bed was a safe bet! I’ve been looking for a dresser for your room too! We will paint it too if you’d like. Also a dear friend of mine Becky P. gave us our first dining room table 4+ years ago and is now graciously giving us our second too! Even more special is that it was the table she grew up eating on and now we get to grow our family around this table too. As silly as it may be it was so important to me for us to have a big family table and a real deal dining room! I remember as a kid always eating around the table together at the end of the day and talking about our school days. Tyler (your uncle) would tell ever detail of his day, every. single. detail. and some details twice! I can’t wait for the monotonous things like family dinners and the chaos of setting the table and cleaning up.



still waiting on employer references…the wait is killer! We are ready to move onto Phase 3 and we are stuck here due to other people—but I have to remind myself IN HIS TIME AND NOT OURS. God is graciously guiding us and it won’t happen until He say’s we are ready and so I must repeat this over and over.

Once references are done we are on to the HOME-STUDY 🙂


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