Parenting Perspective 🔎

So today on the radio 📻 I was listening to a comedian and he had this one bit that I thought was interesting. The comedian was talking about how parents can be insensitive. The example given was a child loosing a balloon 🎈in a parking lot. The parent responds with, “it’s just a balloon, we will get you another…stop crying.” The comedian then makes the comparison that the balloon to the child is like a wallet to an adult. It’s all about perspective, this got me thinking about how oftentimes parents hold their children to adult standards unintentionally. Life is hectic, parents are busy and stressed and project their own thoughts/emotions on their children. This got me thinking about how while be a parent it is vital that we challenge ourselves to see life through the eyes of a child 🙇🏼. 

We must remember not to forget that children are learning and growing and it’s our responsibility to guide and teach and EMPHATHIZE with our children.

empathize [em-puh-thahyz]

-VERB- To understand and share the feelings of another. 



▶️ teach

▶️have patience 

▶️allow questions

▶️watch tone

▶️have eye contact



❎ roll eyes


❎ ignore

❎get loud

❎diminish their thoughts/feelings


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