Thinking a lot this evening about what it means to parent and how do you parent a child who doesn’t even know you as mom and dad.

I’m thinking about bedtime and boundaries and discipline and so much more. I’m reminded about the role a parent has to disciple–a child. It’s not about punishment it’s about teaching, but when emotions run high how do we rightfully distinguish between the two? 

Parents out there…what is your parenting advice?  I know nothing is 100% and of course in many respects our parenting will be dictated by the fact that we’ve adopted an older child and not raised from infancy…


4 thoughts on “Parenting

  1. I would say positive reinforcement to go along with discipline. You can discipline a child but still show your love for them with the time you spend with them. There are different methods of discipline but I think just straight harsh punishment leads away from you not to you. I learned from so many mistakes that no child is the same and what works for one may not work for the other. That is just my take on things. 🙂


    1. So true!! Positive reinforcement is very powerful. Discipline is love, the Lord disciplines us. Punishment and discipline are two different things indeed. You are correct punishment leads away, great insight! Thank you ❤️


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