You and me makes 3!


Dear Sweet Child of Mine,

It’d crazy I find myself dreaming about you and praying for your safety. I don’t know you and yet I already feel a great sense of protection over you. First of all, I am sorry. I am sorry of all that you’ve been through that’s brought you here. I am sorry that your mommy and daddy couldn’t care for you. I am sorry I couldn’t protect you. You are valuable. You are worthy. You are special. I can’t imagine what you’ve endured in your short life. You’ve experienced a great heartache so young. You’ve seen darkness that nobody should see ever much less at your tender age. I find myself dreaming about family movie nights, park dates, picnics and vacations. I want to give you the love, protection and life you deserve. I know this won’t be easy for either of us. I am sure you will push against me but I am not going anywhere. I love you sweetheart. I loved you before knowing you. I know God has a plan. I know you are waiting on me. I am coming sweet child. Understand that at times I will suck as a mom you see this is all new to me. But we will learn together. You see I know God has called me to be your mommy. You didn’t grow in my stomach but you surely grew in my heart. Daddy and I are excited; we can’t believe we get to love you…its a privilege. Thank you for letting us in. Your Dad he is a great guy; you will love him. He is fun and caring and smart. Most of all he loves Jesus! We will teach you all about Him. In all actuality He is the reason we are adopting, He led us to it and in fact called us to. Matthew (Dad) and Jesus both already loves you. In fact, God loved you (Jesus’ Dad) before you were even born! We don’t have all this money but we will always care for your needs. I wonder how you’ll look; I know you are so beautiful. I bet your kind and funny! You are resilient child. God has not forgotten you either. I know you may wonder why this has all happened to you and moms should have all the answers…but I don’t know. Your mother was sick, she wasn’t able to make good decisions and it’s not because she doesn’t love you she just needed more help than she could get from being your mom. Family is not by blood sweetheart it’s a choice, and I choose you a million times over. I am sitting here in our living room wondering what we would be doing if you were already here. I bet you’d be going to camp Viola this week, Dad is helping with it and he’d be so excited to be there with you! Goodbye sweetie, I hope you sleep good tonight. I am praying over you and I will be there soon enough.

Our Checklist for all that we had to do on our end to prepare for home-study. 🙂
Adoption Paperwork
Almost all 200 pages of paperwork + stuff we had to gather.


love mom


PS: Looking at the map of GA makes me excited! I keep wondering where you’ll come from and where you’ve been. You’ll love it here in LaGrange!


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