We’re in a hurry…to wait.

Hey sweetie,

Dad and I went to Six Flags today and I kept thinking how’d fun it’d be to go with you! Aunt B was there and Uncle Michael & Brandon & all your nieces and nephews! They splashed around at Hurricane Harbor and all I could think about walking around the park later in the day is how I yearned to have you with me. We have so many memories to make with you! You are loved so much already and I don’t even know your name. I’m sorry sweetie that your bio-mom couldn’t care for you, but Dad and I are here always. We have so much catching up to do! What’s your favorite pizza toppings? What cake would you like for your birthday? What do you like to do honey? What do you want to be when you grow up? I have so many questions…we will get to know you slowly and you’ll learn to trust us I hope ❤️.

Can’t wait to make 👨‍👩‍👧 memories with you.
⏺Finished CPR & First Aid

⏺ Turned in questionnaire for counseling

⏺ Our caseworker Ashton is still gathering our references. We used your Glam-ma (glamorous Grammy Cindi) + Sky and Jeff Rudebeck + my longtime friend Samantha Yarborough.

Love you sweetie,

Mom and Dad

PS: next step after the above is our 3-4 month homestudy where our Columbus GA caseworker (new one) will come out to our house and talk to us about adoption; the impact, and look over our home for safety concerns and to ensure adequate space/beds.

new car for our impending family 🤗
picture of us after getting soaked on Thunder River 🌊

5 thoughts on “We’re in a hurry…to wait.

    1. Not quite ready for it yet… Gotta get rid of our queen bed first. We will get it once we know when our homestudy is beginning


    1. Thank you Barbara! Stay tuned into our journey. Thank you for your prayers! We need them as we take this leap to adopt one of Gods children just as He adopted us!


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