Dear  Big C & Little C, After today my heart felt ready to write you. My heart has been swelling beyond my body these 28 days since you came into my life at 11:50 on a Monday night screaming as I took you from your ill fitted booster.  A boy who exited the car and … More Dear____,

Trust is tricky 2.0

BIG C is a fighter. I mean that both positively and negatively. He’s been through so much. He has had dozens of people let him down. He’s had numerous caseworkers, many homes/placements. Several school, lots of families, new sports, lost friends and nothing has been constant.BIG C PLAYING HIS NEW DRUM SET FOR HIS BIRTHDAY … More Trust is tricky 2.0

Trust is tricky…

Imagine for a moment that your entire life has been a series of people abandoning you,  for various reasons each time. However, each time its been in response to your behavior. You’ve been told you’re too much, too bad, too hard. You look around and see other kids with mom, with dads, with families and … More Trust is tricky…

How hard is it?

A forewarning about this post before you read it: What I am about to write is not pretty. You may not want to hear this. These are honest thoughts and feelings. If you are worried that you will look at me differently if I say some blunt and hard to hear things, then this is … More How hard is it?

The Ebb & Flow

            The ocean is interesting in            its calmness and it’s calamity.  Imagine as the water rushes into shore, the speed and power it brings with it. And in an instant it crashes into the sand! Wreaking havoc and dispersing sand, water splashes about and everything is … More The Ebb & Flow

Are You My Mother?

The other day I got to revisit a classic story that I remembered from my childhood. I was fuzzy on the details but with the help of two kids who love hearing stories, I have been able to revisit many of these stories. One of those stories is about a baby bird. The story begins … More Are You My Mother?